Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Laser Cut Zone Mortalis Tile, Part 2

The first coat of primer is down on the Zone Mortalis tile.  So far so good.  This time around I used Rust-Oleum "sealing" primer which should go a long way to filling in the small pores in the wood tile and leave me with a surface that's a bit better to paint and won't look like wood.

The plan is to paint the tile the grey color you see in the picture above, then drybrush a coat of white all over the tile. This will give the tile the look of concrete.  I will also be adding small patches of corrosion, probably in the form of moisture stains.

More to come,


Zzzzzz said...


Just found your blog. I'm lovin' the laser cut Zone Mortalis and Gorgon. All your own work ? I'll read back and find out. Excellent stuff.

Green Stuff Industries said...

Great stuff, Myles!

Myles said...


Thanks for the compliments! The Zone Mortalis stuff was engineered by me, but the look/design was done by Forge World. I tried to make mine look like a simplified version of theirs.

The Gorgon was actually designed as a papercraft model by somebody in Russia. Given that the instructions are in Russian, I can't credit them, unfortunately. There was a lot of work that went into getting the Gorgon ready for the laser cutter, but that was mostly clean up work.


Thanks, man!

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gruubii said...

I have myself a very large and powerful lasercutter, I am super interested in your files of course. Amazing job on the Gorgon and Zone Mortalis.

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