Monday, May 25, 2015

Laser Cut Gorgon, Part 4

Finally, more progress on the Gorgon!

Now that the construction on the main body is done, I've primed the model with Rust-Oleum "sealing" primer. Given that the Gorgon is a wood product, I think this will give me a better finish than my regular Krylon gray primer, as all the little pores in the chipboard will be filled.

As mentioned in a previous Gorgon post, I'll be painting it a pretty generic grey, and the primer color is a big step in that direction.  I'll be using many of the same techniques I used on the Valkyrie from my old Death Korps Engineer army.  I'll probably also be adding more wear and tear to the vehicle than I would otherwise. The techniques featured in this Games Workshop "How To Paint" video seem like they could work really well.

More to come,