Monday, May 25, 2015

Laser Cut Gorgon, Part 4

Finally, more progress on the Gorgon!

Now that the construction on the main body is done, I've primed the model with Rust-Oleum "sealing" primer. Given that the Gorgon is a wood product, I think this will give me a better finish than my regular Krylon gray primer, as all the little pores in the chipboard will be filled.

As mentioned in a previous Gorgon post, I'll be painting it a pretty generic grey, and the primer color is a big step in that direction.  I'll be using many of the same techniques I used on the Valkyrie from my old Death Korps Engineer army.  I'll probably also be adding more wear and tear to the vehicle than I would otherwise. The techniques featured in this Games Workshop "How To Paint" video seem like they could work really well.

More to come,


The GunGrave said...

Looks ace!!

Green Stuff Industries said...

Agreed. Well done!

Lock Smith said...

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