Monday, March 10, 2014

Realm of Battle Board, Part 2

Ah, at long last, the Realm of Battle board is base-coated and ready for some tender airbrushing.  After an abortive attempt to paint what used to be a black RoB board tan with a detail airbrush I quickly became frustrated with the ordeal.  Luckily, a previous project left me with a small can of tan latex room paint.  A trip to Harbor Freight Tools and one 20% off coupon later, I had myself a spray gun that could handle the job.

All six of the tiles were repainted with the latex paint, mixed to match The Army Painter's Desert Yellow color (or close enough to it).  After about three hours with the spray gun, I can taste the latex stuck in the back of my throat.  I'll be coughing up ocher phlegm for a week, but this is what I get for my belief that respirators are for pansies.

More to come,


Green Stuff Industries said...

How are the ROB boards coming?

You have been Libster'ed!

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