Sunday, March 2, 2014

Death Korps Quartermaster

Rather than doing the wise thing and putting my tax return into savings, I used the magic of the internet to turn my money into finely sculpted resin.  One of a number of models I bought recently, here's my completed Death Korps of Kreig Quartermaster.  This is the Forge World Games Day exclusive version.

Painting this guy up was a blast.  There's plenty of intricate detail that can really be brought out with a bit of effort.

Given his rank and role, I gave the Quartermaster a cloak that speaks to more than just utility.  Is it standard issue or did he find a nice trophy on the battlefield and keep it?  Who can say?

A piece of parchment is lashed to his cloak, bound with totems.  These were also fun to paint.  Picking out all of the smaller details can be a chore, but seeing them pop out against the dullness of the rest of the uniform made the effort worthwhile.  I went with gold as it stands out against the brown and tan without overwhelming the model.  The same is true of the deep red on the cloak.  After a brown wash, the colors deepen and dull, bringing everything together.

More to come, so stay tuned!

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