Sunday, October 6, 2013

Howling Griffons Sternguard Squad, Part 5

The last member of the squad, and the most complex, the Veteran Sergeant is complete.

See that guy? F*ck him and everyone nearby

He's armed the exact same way as most of the rest of the squad, as befits a group of Monstrous Creature hunters.

Tonight... You...

A focus shot of some of the detailing.  How many skulls can you count in this picture?

To make for easier storage, the Sergeant's backpack is magnetized.

Next up on the list is getting myself a sheet of printable water transfers and apply them.  I'd also like to take a few scenic shots of the squad on the one piece of my Realm of Battle board that I've actually managed to get done.

More to come,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Howling Griffons Sternguard Squad, Part 4

Four down, one Veteran Sergeant to go!  

Free Photos! Smile and Wait for Flash

Just to spice things up a bit and take full advantage of my diverse bits collection, I left this chap holding his bolter down while firing his bolt pistol.  I'm normally not a huge fan of things like this, but it turned out quite well.

Good thing I remembered to keep the pistol holster empty, eh?  The right arm is actually from one of the Blood Angels boxes.  It adds just a touch of detail and blends nicely with the half tabard.

Rear shot of the model.  I made heavy use of the extra odds and ends that are packed onto the Grey Knight strike squad sprues.  Anything that wasn't a book with a sword through it or stamped with the Inquisitorial =I= was fair game.

Next time, Veteran Sergeant,