Sunday, September 15, 2013

Howling Griffons Tactical Marine

Over the weekend at our post-gaming meal, Oni remarked that he'd like to see someone do a Howling Griffons model.  So I dug up a tactical marine from the 5th Edition starter box that I had primed and had at it.  This is a one-off marine and I don't intend to do any more in this paint scheme.

Anyone who has an entire army of Howling Griffons that looks even halfway decent deserves a round of applause.  This guy took me four and a half hours to get done from prime to varnish.  That being said, I think he looks amazing.  Only thing I would change on the model is using a Sepia wash instead of TAP Strong tone--I think I gave away my last pot of Gryphonne Sepia wash a few weeks ago--and having a water transfer for the shoulder pad.

"Emperor help me, I will end the first Chaos 
worshipping whoreson who scuffs my armour!"
-Brother Tomas, 2nd Company, 3rd Squad

Stay tuned for more!


Green Stuff Industries said...

Great looking model, Jordan!

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