Saturday, September 28, 2013

Howling Griffons Sternguard Squad, Part 3

The first of two regular Howling Griffons Sternguard Veterans.  This guy (and the other) will be toting combigravs.  This squad will exist for the sole purpose of killing Oni's Wraithknight if I ever meet it upon the field of battle.  They will be accepting applications for other Monstrous Creatures as well.

The combigrav consists of a Phobos-pattern bolter, the top half of a Volkite Charger and half of the drum from a Terminator's storm bolter.

The goal throughout this small project has been to spend a little money as possible.  These five guys are made from the various Space Marine bits I've had laying around for years and will serve as a nice interim project until my horde of Death Korps arrive in the mail.  

If you look closely, you can see the occasional Grey Knight and Blood Angel bit on the model.  The bolt pistol holsters are cut from chunks of green stuff and had pistol grips glued in the right place.  This quick idea came from Ron, of From the Warp fame.  Sadly, I can't find the tutorial in his archives.

More to come,


The GunGrave said...

Very nice work! You've done a great job of a difficult colour scheme

Myles said...

Thank you very much!

Green Stuff Industries said...

Looks amazing, Myles!

Myles said...

Thanks, GSI! They're coming along nicely.

Lock Smith said...

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