Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tyrant of Badab, Part 1

Snagged this chap to get free shipping for some purchases on eBay.

Unfortunately, the seller didn't take the best care when packaging him, so I wound up with a broken heavy flamer and two snapped lightning claw blades.  The heavy flamer got glued back on and the lightning claws got replaced.  I also added a blank banner pole instead of the Maelstrom one that came with the model.  

The base I used was one of the 40mm bases meant for Terminators from the old Assault on Black Reach boxed set, so some holes had to be filled.  One's covered by the big resin rock Lugft's standing on, the other is obscured by that hunk of green stuff.  It's shaped kind of like the resin rock, but I still have to do some filing and blade work before priming.

More to come!