Thursday, August 29, 2013

Terrain: Small Outbuilding, Part 3 COMPLETE!

Building's done.  Intended mainly to test a paint technique for the terrain that will be going with my Realm of Battle game board (that I'm finally getting around to painting).  I'd wanted to make the building resemble light sandstone, and I think I hit the mark.  The bits of pooled sepia wash are there mostly to break the building up and it look more complete.

Rather than leave the upper level of the building a blank slab of plasticard, I ripped apart one of the components of an Aegis Defense Line and glued it up top.  Now it can house a weapon, vox array or similar.

Other projects await.


Spellduckwrong said...

That's looking pretty good so far. What did you make it out of?

Myles said...


The building is made out of the Pegasus Large Gothic Building set.

The rim on the roof are just cut down pieces of the same and the roof itself is a piece of plasticard cut to fit.

Lock Smith said...

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