Thursday, August 29, 2013

Terrain: Small Outbuilding, Part 3 COMPLETE!

Building's done.  Intended mainly to test a paint technique for the terrain that will be going with my Realm of Battle game board (that I'm finally getting around to painting).  I'd wanted to make the building resemble light sandstone, and I think I hit the mark.  The bits of pooled sepia wash are there mostly to break the building up and it look more complete.

Rather than leave the upper level of the building a blank slab of plasticard, I ripped apart one of the components of an Aegis Defense Line and glued it up top.  Now it can house a weapon, vox array or similar.

Other projects await.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Terrain: Small Outbuilding, Part 2

The base coat is on.  I airbrushed a handful of layers of TAP's Skeleton Bone over the entire model.  Next comes a Ceramite White drybrush and little bits of sepia wash to resemble grime collection in a few of the recesses.

More to come, as always.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Terrain: Small Outbuilding, Part 1

I'm testing out my airbrush and skills on a small piece of terrain I whipped up earlier in the week.  The plan is to prime white (pictured) then airbrush on TAP Skeleton Bone to a solid coat.  After that's done and dried, I'll drybrush on a coat of Ceramite White to make the detail pop and give the building the look of sandstone.  Finally, there will be a small handful of metallic detail that need to get painted, and I'll add a drop or two of wash and drag it down the surface to make it look like mild grime wear on the outside of the building.

More to come, stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Imperial Fists Legion Master of Signals, Part 3 COMPLETE

Finally finished painting this chap.  He's for a friends Imperial Fists Legion army.

A shot of the washing and light detail work.

Details on the vox backpack.

More projects on the way.  Stay tuned!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Imperial Fists Legion Master of Signals, Part 2

So far, so good.  Picked out a few details on the Master of Signals and applied a sepia wash to create depth.  The eyes and other optic bits are a deep red base, brought up to a bright orange highlight.  The sensor nodes on the left shoulder pad are silver washed with the same sepia I used on the rest of the model.  

Vox array backpack and more progress next time,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Imperial Fists Legion Master of Signals, Part 1

A friend of mine lent me an airbrush to try out.  He let me know he was having trouble getting it working, but I figured I'd take a whack at it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck either and rather than buy parts to repair it, I decided to buy a Grex XS from Blick.  With a 40% off coupon, what more could you want?

I still have a lot of experimentation to do with the airbrush.  Getting paints thinned correctly is much more art than science.  Liquitex Airbrush Medium seems to be working well, though so far, it's the only product I've tried thinning paints with.  Citadel paints need more thinning than The Army Painter Warpaints and both seem to cover quite well if thinned correctly and I'm patient in applying the coats.

The Imperial Fists Legion Master of Signals was primed white then airbrushed yellow.  The airbrush works quite well on miniatures and I'm looking forward to using it on future projects.

More to come,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tyrant of Badab, Part 5 COMPLETE!

And at long last, Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, self-styled Tyrant of Badab and future traitor to the Imperium of Man is complete!

Painting this guy was actually a lot of fun.  His face turned out well, though not quite like I was hoping.  I had originally been going for a paler look, but the highlights clash with how dark the base skin tone is.  Instead it makes Lugft look like he's got some long-healed burn scarring on his face.  The hair turned out as well as I'd hoped.  I think grey fits.  After all, he is a few centuries old.

The banner features a claw gripping a representation of the Maelstrom, the Tyrant's personal heraldry.  It turned out okay, but I could use more practice free handing.  Along with a few other bits, the original banner was broken, so it got tossed out and replaced with one from the Space Marine Tactical Squad box.

 The gold bits came out just as planned and contrasts well with the oiled steel look of the armor.  The heavy flamer was heavily washed with TAP Strong Tone then hit with some Vallejo Carbon Black dry pigment to show carbon scoring.

The white sections didn't turn out like I'd imagined they would, but I like them.  Instead of using my usual Dheneb Stone foundation paint (what little of it is left), I used Ceramite White from the new range of GW paints.  It's much, much brighter than I'd intended, but it turned out looking more like sculpted marble than the usual parchment color I've used so often before.

The Astral Claws's paint scheme is supposed to be a brighter silver rather than a dark steel.  Bright colors, however are more difficult to paint and end up not looking quite as good as a darker base with brighter highlights.  I toned down the color scheme of the model overall, making him look much more grim.

The original color scheme features much more blue than I've put on the model.  The only actual blue parts are his right knee plate and the optics above his armored cowl.  This again was to tone down the model and keep that grim look that defines the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  It also clashes less with the overall visual flow of the model.  If I decide to do more Astral claws, I'll keep the same dark color scheme.

Hope you guys enjoyed following the blog for this project.  More to come as I continue to paint.

All the best,

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tyrant of Badab, Part 4

Getting there!  Wash has been applied, many of the highlights are on and most of the details I wanted to pick out on the model are done.  All that's left to do after all of this is to freehand a fancy-pants freehand banner.  I'm thinking a stylized warp storm gripped by a lion's claw, kind of like the Astral Claw's chapter symbol.

I'll probably also add more wear to the heavy flamer using some weathering powders from Vallejo.  I've used those extensively on my Vendettas.

More to come!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tyrant of Badab, Part 3

Lugft's just about all painted up.  This is almost all the paint that's gonig on him before I work on the uber-fine details of his face and banner.  Next up is a series of washes and highlights.

More to come!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tyrant of Badab, Part 2

Base is done!  Doing two different dry brush color sets is pretty tough, but I think it turned out nicely.  The sand is my usual: TAP Desert Yellow then drybrush Skeleton Bone.  Rocks are painted with a base coat of Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey, drybrush Citadel Fortress Grey and Ceramite White.

Now onto the man himself, the Tyrant of Badab, Mister Lugft Huron!

More to come, stay tuned!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tyrant of Badab, Part 1

Snagged this chap to get free shipping for some purchases on eBay.

Unfortunately, the seller didn't take the best care when packaging him, so I wound up with a broken heavy flamer and two snapped lightning claw blades.  The heavy flamer got glued back on and the lightning claws got replaced.  I also added a blank banner pole instead of the Maelstrom one that came with the model.  

The base I used was one of the 40mm bases meant for Terminators from the old Assault on Black Reach boxed set, so some holes had to be filled.  One's covered by the big resin rock Lugft's standing on, the other is obscured by that hunk of green stuff.  It's shaped kind of like the resin rock, but I still have to do some filing and blade work before priming.

More to come!