Sunday, July 7, 2013

UPDATED! More Grist for the Mill


Recently finished painting up my Master of Ordinance and four missile launcher-toting Engineers.

Forge World recently dropped a new Death Korps army list for 6th that's worth checking out.  Unfortunately, it has some pretty massive points hikes and trims many good options in exchange for even fewer tepid ones.  The DKoK infantry platoons lost the ability to combine, which stinks.  

I'll think up something as I start to build up a truly infantry/artillery-heavy list.


I decided my army requires more long range firepower.  That, and my gaming group has been on my hide for a while about me only having a 1,000-point army.  To that end, I've added four missile launchers and a Master of Ordinance to the army, along with some other stuff that I haven't yet photographed.

Better pictures and more to come as I get everything built and painted.  Also, be sure to check out my Laser Cutter Project Log over on Dakka Dakka.  I've just finalized the design for a modular trench system and am test cutting now!

All the best,