Sunday, April 28, 2013

Realm of Battle Board, Part 1

As payment for an upcoming commission, I got a Realm of Battle board that used to belong to my wargaming club.  When they first painted the board, they decided they didn't like the skulls set into the board and filled it with...  Well, I'm not entirely sure what they filled it with.

It was done up as a lava-themed table and the cracks in the ground were treated as impassible terrain, representing magma boiling to the surface.

I'm going for a desert/plains theme, so this simply won't do.  Rather than just paint over it, I started filling it in with green stuff sculpted to look like broken rock.

I'm gonna need a lot more green stuff than I currently have, but for now, I should be able to finish up at least this section.  After all the green stuff dries, it'll be sanded down a bit to get rid of the sculpting marks and any obvious pockmarks will be filled with Squadron green putty, a drop of casting resin or similar.


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oni said...

You could also use cork. It'll look like broken up rock / concrete.