Sunday, April 21, 2013

Forge Fathers as Tau Auxiliaries

I'd thought by now I'd have some neat laser cut stuff to show off on the blog, but alas, such is not the case.  I bought one of the cheapy Chinese laser cutters, which is a fine product, but extra time and money needs to be poured into it so as not to deal with the horrible software bundled with the machine.  I'm going to have to replace the control board inside the cutter, which shouldn't take too terribly long once I actually buy the components and they arrive on my doorstep two-ish weeks from now.

Until then, I've decided to test some Tau paint schemes, just in case I succumb to temptation to start collecting and playing that army.  For now, though, I'm painting up the collection of Forge Fathers from Mantic Games I have laying around collecting dust as Tau Auxiliaries. The basic T'au Sept colors look pretty nice, in my own humble opinion.

So far, I'm liking where these models are going.  The paint scheme was simple enough.  I used The Army Painter's Desert  Yellow for the bulk of the model, Weapon Bronze for the metallic bits and Leather Brown for the cloth sections.

Rather than using the blocky Tau marking lines, I used Dwarf-looking runes in the same fashion.  It gives the model a distinct flavor only slightly at odds with the usual Tau way of doing things.

This guy just did not want to be photographed correctly.  If I do start a Tau army, I'll probably end up using these chaps as allied Guard Veterans, if I use them at all.  I would like to use them as a platoon, but I simply don't have enough Forge Fathers to round out a decent sized force.  And if I do ever run Tau, I plan to go very heavy on the Battle Suits.

That's all for now, take care, folks,

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