Monday, February 25, 2013

Pre-Heresy Raven Guard 1st Company, Part 3

Quoth the Raven

The Banner Bearer for my Raven Guard terminator army is complete.  I tried for a banner that was elegant and generic, so if I decided to use it for something other than a Banner of Fortitude, I could.  I'm very, very happy with the results and while the Legion symbol isn't exactly right, it's pretty obvious what it is.

The bearer.  I went with a more dynamic pose for him.  It seemed to fit, though with the way I built the banner (WIP photos below), it's tough to get a good look at both the banner and its bearer.

To make the banner, I rolled out a slab of green stuff, then cut it into the shape I wanted while it was still uncured.  This way, if I messed up, I could fix it more easily and smooth out any places I got fingerprints or dropped something on it.

The banner pole was made with copper round stock and some plasticard.  I took a small section of tube stock and drilled a hole across the width of the tube stock to create the banner's cross support.  The hand was generously donated from a Cataphractii thunder hammer hand.  After everything was about where I needed it, I slapped a banner topper on and let everything dry overnight.

The completed banner.  I used another slab of cured green stuff to form the banner hangers.

A shot of the back of the banner and the bearer.  For ease of storage and versatility, I magnetized the shoulder joint.

Painting in progress.  Before painting white on a dark surface, I'll almost always do a grey base coat that's just a hair larger than whatever I'm painting in white.  This helps to blend the model's paint job and make the edge between black and white less jarring.

The banner's grey build up coat is done.  The tower on the bottom represents the Legion's fortress-monastery, the Ravenspire and the eclipsed planet to the right Kiavahr.

At last, the white coat.  And with a few finishing touches, the cloth portion of the banner will be complete!

Stay tuned for more pre-Heresy goodness,