Saturday, February 2, 2013

Death Korps of Krieg Army Showcase

Greetings once again, dear readers.  I've finally gotten to photograph my Death Korps of Krieg Engineers army in its entirety.  I present the Krieg 907th Siege Regiment, Engineer Company and Attached Support Elements.

Here we have a shot of the formation's command squad, consisting of a Captain and his special weapon-toting support staff.

Commanding officers in the Death Korps often wear more ornate wargear than their subordinates, both to make clear their position and for ease or recognition on the battlefield.

In addition to the golden Imperial Aquila on the Captian's chest plate, a gilded shoulder pad carrying the "C" command rune and a power fist mark him as the leader of the detachment.

Special weapon bearers like these offer direct fire support at the Captain's direction.

Click image for a shot of the full 10-man squad.

The bulk of the detachment is made up of three identically armed infantry squads mounted in Chimera armored transports to provide them with superior mobility and fire support.

Multiple fire points allow a Chimera with a well-equipped squad inside to become a mobile fortress.

Hull mounted heavy flamers immolate the enemies of the Emperor.

An infantry squad begins to disembark from their trusty armored vehicle.

As befits his rank, the Captain goes to battle in a Chimera more ornamented than what is issued to enlisted ranks.  Note the skull device on the turret often used to denote command rank amongst the myriad forces of the Imperial Guard and the gold Aquila fixed beneath.

The Death Korps are proud to display their home world on their vehicles, both to strike fear into the enemies of the Imperium and offer penance for the sins of their forefathers, the price of which is death in service to the Emperor.

Heavy armor elements are often called upon to deal swiftly with hard targets.  Leman Russ Demolishers are up to nearly any siege-breaking task.

This thick dozer blade is excellent for moving battle debris from the tank's path.  It's bulk and size also provide a measure of extra protection.

This venerable tank perhaps sports a variant of Mars-Alpha pattern Leman Russ hull.  The tank's original records have long since been lost.

A Vendetta gunship adds powerful, mobile, armor-busting fire support to the detachment.

Three twin-linked lascannons tear enemy armor and heavy infantry to shreds.

While aircraft operating with the Death Korps are dutifully maintained, carbon scoring and other cosmetic damage is impossible to avoid while operating an aircraft in a war zone.

Marks from high temperature exhaust are difficult to remove, but are a consequence of normal operation.

Click image for a larger shot.

A snapshot of the entire aircraft, nose to tail.

The Vendetta holds station mere meters off the deck.

Click image for a larger shot.

A squad of Engineers disembark their Vendetta transport .

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my 1,000 point-and-growing Death Korps Engineer army.  Please let me know what you guys thought of the presentation, what you would like to see next time I do an Army Showcase and if there's anything you think I missed.

For the Emperor!


Green Stuff Industries said...

Those models are awesome, Jordan! How long does a group of models like that take you?

What do you use for an airbrush? I just bought a badger compressor, as you know, and am eagerly awaiting the new airbrush, itself. I have some IG I need to finish, myself.

Myles said...

I can usually bang out a kill point in one painting session (4-5 hours). If I absolutely had to, I could paint an army this size up in less than a week, but my painted models count suffers greatly because of my chronic laziness, haha.

I actually don't use an airbrush. The only spraying I do is with colored primers from The Army Painter and my clear coats. I am considering getting one now, though since you brought it up, and I'm curious to see what you think about the one you purchased.

Deadspace1 said...

Great looking army man! The Krieg miniatures are just so full of character, as is their back story, making them one of my 'future' projects. Are you planning on doing a display base for the army from that massive piece of wood you have in the first pic? A cool trench system would be a wicked back drop for these guys!

Great work man!

Myles said...


Thank you for the compliments. The Death Korps really are an awesome range and definitely worth starting and taking the time to enjoy the journey down the resin rabbit hole.

That's actually not a piece of wood, it's a 2'x2' piece of a plastic called 'sintra' painted with textured room paint and is the first panel of my future gaming table. Why spend 300 dollars on a Realm of Battle board when I can make one myself?

The Wall of Martyrs has been tempting my wallet out of my pocket since it came out, but I've been resisting for now. Definitely a project to consider!

Thanks again!

Gürgen Ferkulat said...

Which colors did you use for the engeneers?