Friday, October 5, 2012

Fortress of Redemption DIY

The start of something beautiful.

Making sure all of the cuts in the template is tricky, but there's still some room for error.  Definitely not a beginner template, and I think making it out of thick cardstock was an error, but it was a lot cheaper than doing it in plasticard or Sintra would've been.  

My only issue is going to be finding something to coat it in to give it more rigidity and make it so I can spray paint it without the whole thing getting soggy like my cereal in the morning.  If anyone has any suggestions  please leave them in the comments section!

There's about enough room up top for an entire squad.  I chose the Veteran Guardsman with a plasma gun for this picture because I feel he pretty much sums up 6th edition, the same way his melta-toting squad mate represented 5th.

I'll have more as the days roll on,

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