Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mercenary? I Prefer "Adventure Capitalist."

My regular role playing group have agreed to try out a system outside of the Wizards of the Coast D20 wheelhouse.  We've settled on Fantasy Flight Games's Rogue Trader, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

While you don't really need miniatures to play the game, I'm a whore for the modelling and painting aspect of miniature wargames (no, really??).  So I decided to scratch build a representation of my crew's raider, the Frontier.

Green stuff and plasticard, baby.

A close up of the Rogue Trader dynasty's crest plastered on the prow of the ship.

I'm sure many hilarious stories will crop up over the course of our adventures in search of profit.  Lemme know if you guys are interested in some re-tellings in the comments section.

That's it for now.  Next time will be some updates on my table, Fortress of Redemption and other stuff.  Stay tuned!

Capitalism, ho!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leman Russ Demolisher

Taking a quick break from my Fortress of Redemption project to get some painting done for my 1,000 point Death Korps Engineer army.  After a few months of on-and-off work, I'm only three Chimeras away from having a fully painted army.

My most recent painted model is this Demolisher with some conversions.

Here's one with a better shot of the turret and tank commander.

I added a large plow/siege shield to the front of the tank to represent both a Dozer Blade and Extra Armor, should I choose to pay the points for it.  For ease of painting and points adjustment, the plow is magnetized.

The tank commander behind the heavy stubber was converted from a Death Korps Engineer head with green stuff additions to make him look like he belonged in the army.  For the respirator, I used a bit of plasticard tubing and a green stuff tube, made with the Green Stuff Industries SAW-020 Tentacle Maker.  

Last, a rear shot of the tank showing off the plasticard additions I made to turn the hull of the Demolisher into a Mars Alpha pattern tank.  I think it makes the tank just a little bit more imposing and sets it apart from the other tanks I will very likely be including in my army at some point.

Be sure to stay tuned for future updates to the Fortress of Redemption project as well as more pictures of my almost-but-not-quite completed Death Korps army.

Serving the Porpoise,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fortress of Redemption DIY Part 3

Round Three...  BUILD!

Two silos simply wasn't enough for me.  And having them so close to the tower?  A greater architectural faux pas I simply cannot conceive!  Obviously, I won't be able to use this as a Fortification in regular games of 40K as it is without saying that at least one of the sections doesn't exist for game purposes, but that's what Apocalypse, Kill Team and Planetstrike are for.  That, and I could just have it as a center piece.

Man, I love the Photobucket app for my iPhone.  It makes doing build logs so much easier.  Because I don't think of taking pictures as a pain in the butt, it means I can do more of them, which means more frequent updates.

One of three silo-looking sections that will be at the end of each of the walk ways.  This building is turning out to be MASSIVE.  Progress has been very, very steady and I'm looking forward to completing it.  

I have a rule when it comes to scratch building, my "90/10 Rule."  90% of the model will be built in 10% of the total time needed for its completion.  The remaining 10% of the model, which is all of the little detail work that sets the model off and actually makes it worth looking at takes up 90% of your time spent.  As frustrating as it is, that last 10% of the model is what's going to pull rough shapes into a cohesive building, titan, tank or whatever that looks fantastic, so enjoy detailing your creation.  Or go insane doing it.  Whichever works better for you.

All the best,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fortress of Redemption DIY Part 2

Work progresses at a steady pace on the Fortress, or as the designer, Bugbait_NZ calls it, the Tower of Retribution.

One of the more intricate parts was the blast door at the front of the tower.  The internals are visible below:

The complete blast door below.

It's kind of difficult to see from this angle, but I've made another gap in the rear wall and will be adding a third walkway and bunker attached to the tower, for extra style.

That'll do it for this round of updates, be sure to stay tuned for future updates as this project progresses at an unprecedented pace, and be sure to listen to the Table Top Generals Podcast available on iTunes.  The next episode will be a first look at the new Chaos codex.

Enjoy your game, guys,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fortress of Redemption DIY

The start of something beautiful.

Making sure all of the cuts in the template is tricky, but there's still some room for error.  Definitely not a beginner template, and I think making it out of thick cardstock was an error, but it was a lot cheaper than doing it in plasticard or Sintra would've been.  

My only issue is going to be finding something to coat it in to give it more rigidity and make it so I can spray paint it without the whole thing getting soggy like my cereal in the morning.  If anyone has any suggestions  please leave them in the comments section!

There's about enough room up top for an entire squad.  I chose the Veteran Guardsman with a plasma gun for this picture because I feel he pretty much sums up 6th edition, the same way his melta-toting squad mate represented 5th.

I'll have more as the days roll on,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Terrain Podcast and Fortress of Redemption Scratch Build

It's been a terrain-centric couple of weeks. I've spent a bit of time working on a few Aegis Defense Lines, a Skyshield Landing Platform, I'm in the process of building my own table, and even talked to Rich from Green Stuff Industries about it and how it plays into games of Warhammer 40,000!

 All of those things I mentioned above will be posted when I've made progress on any of them worth showing, but for now, I'm working on my own Fortress of Redemption.

 Many thanks to Warseer's BugBait_NZ for putting out this fantastic template.  The template is linked in the thread, towards the bottom of the page.

I'll be posting WIP photos as I build this monstrosity and make my own tweaks and additions to it.

All the best,