Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hello again!  I've been getting a ton of hobby related stuff done, but have been posting very little of it.  That changes now.

My first of four Imperial Guard Chimera.  The only difference between this and many of my previous models is that I've started putting a thin coat of Testor's Dullcote on the models before I wash them.  This gives the wash a much more consistent look and helps it "absorb" into the layers of paint better.

A closeup of a custom heavy flamer bit I cast up in resin and have used on all of my Chimeras.  The hatch you see in the photo is also very likely cast, seeing as I need two of them for the converted transports and the kit only comes with one.

Every now and again, I find blogs or photo streams that feature "cinematic" wargaming photos and sought to replicate that in a small way here.  Once I actually get around to putting a table together I'll be able to take tons of great photos from a model's eye view.

Take care, guys,

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