Sunday, July 22, 2012

Avenger Strike Fighter


After choosing to interpret the typed musings from one of Ron's posts over at FTW as a challenge, I came up with what follows.

Yup.  That's an Avenger Strike Fighter, a new model from Forge World made from a heavily kit-bashed Valkyrie kit from GW.  For now, I'll share the completed piece and show some of the WIP shots in a later post, probably before I post the completely painted model.

In order to keep the model mostly Games Workshop plastics, I'd planned on using a Punisher Cannon from the Demolisher kit, but alas, I ended up giving that particular bit to a friend who actually used the bit.  I'm quite proud of the scratch built cannon, though.  It looks beefier, just like the real deal.

Lastly, an above shot.  I plan to start painting this guy next week, as this up-coming week, I'll be busy with work.  Until then, enjoy the model as it is now and maybe this will inspire you to kit-bash your own!  With any luck the rules coming out from Forge World at the end of the month will be worth having spent all of this time and aggravation making this model.

All the best, folks,


Green Stuff Industries said...

Frakken awesome! Nice work. I can't wait to get a decent Chaos Fighter soon.

Mordian7th said...

Holy cow - that's some great work! I really dig it, looking forward to hearing more about how it was constructed. Keep up the great work!

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