Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Space Marine Captain Complete!

At long last, a commission that I took a while ago is finally finished. You can see some of the WIP shots here. This update is going to be a photo gallery for the most part. I'll post a bit of explanation for some of the cooler stuff on the model.

This model represents a Captain of the Sky Wardens Chapter, a Blood Angels successor chapter. To show that the Captain is one of Sanguinius's noble progeny, I painted a blood drop icon on the left shoulder pad. The purple is plainly visible on the dark red, while not distracting from the model as a whole.

At the time of the commission, the Sky Wardens had no chapter symbol. I was honored to be able to work up something for my client. The symbol is a stylized volcano, which has to do with their homeworld. You can read the fluff my client wrote about them here.

The suit of power armor the Captain is wearing is a modified Mk.III suit I sculpted out of Green Stuff. Instead of the standard chest plate, I sculpted in pectorals to make him look more "Blood Angely." To enhance the age of the armor, I did some bits of scroll work, showing former owners, past accomplishments, different engagements, or whatever would be written on a suit of armor likely thousands of years old.

More scroll work on the back of the Pre-Heresy style jump pack. To show wear, after painting the jump pack, I did a relatively heavy drybrush in Chaos Black around the exhaust vents.

The power sword was designed as a fencing foil, which would've been almost impossible to do without having thickened out the blade. This also gave me an opportunity to try out a technique I learned reading the From The Warp blog. The relevant tutorial on how to do the "power lightning " effect can be found here. As always, thanks, Ron!

Lastly, the base. A good base can make a model, bringing the entire effect together. On the other hand, a bad base can break a model, making it look anywhere from not quite right to downright horrible. The base on this particular model served two purposes: Showing his homeworld is a pile of volcanic ash, and elevating the model, making him stand out.

The base is flocked with play sand before painting. After priming, the sand is painted black, then drybrushed with Adeptus Battlegrey and an even lighter drybrush of Fortress Grey. The bit of debris the model is standing on serves only to elevate the model without relying on wire or a flight stand. It got a coat of Chainmail, washed with Devlan Mud, then some highlights were picked out to make the bit of debris look old and worn. The skull inset on the debris was painted with Dheneb Stone and washed with Devlan Mud.

After the model was completely painted, I added a bit of scrub to the base, just to break up the grey. It's this little bit that I think really sets the base off.

Now that I've taken photographs of this model for my own enjoyment, I can now box this bad boy up and send him off to his rightful owner. Mr. Client, this project pushed me in more ways than one, and I thank you for this opportunity.

Blood and Rage,

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Malady.Omega said...

I definitely like your method for raising the model without using a flight stand. I had to actually LOOK for how you suspended it. Very, very cool!