Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pics of the Warlord Titan

I finally got around to taking some proper pictures of my freshly constructed Warlord Titan. Without further ado, here are the pictures.

Look at that Titan booty! This guy is far, far from being anything close to complete. There's still a ton of detail left to do, but for a workable model in an Apoc game, it did the job. I completed this big boy in 10 days. He stands a hair over 25", but with legs fully extended, he would probably be about 27".

I'm probably not going to be able to paint this guy without an airbrush. Everything except the armor plates is going to get done in Chainmail then washed in Badab Black and very likely weathered. Rather than go through six pots of each, I'll wait until I have access to something that'll let me finish the job in hours instead of months. I'm not sure what color to do the armor plates, and if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I'm on the fence about whether to do an existing Legion or make my own.

All the best,


Warflake said...

Whenever I see Titans I can't help but sing Transformers in my head haha.
Great model though.

Andrew G said...

Hey Jordan, Andrew here, I can see why you'd be considering an airbrush after seeing the pic's of that beast.

Here's the airbrush I bought and am very happy with, I also watched a ton of the youtube airbrush videos which taught me enough to get going.

This is the youtube link for the guy I liked best, great detail, not obnoxious, and if you look through his video's he has info on airbrushes covered in chapters, from why bother, what to buy, how to do the basics, etc.

And here's the one I bought (includes compressor)

So far I've primed my army with it, but haven't started doing serious painting just due to real life sucking up my time. I've bought and plan to use Vallejo air metallics for painting as they don't need thinning.