Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grey Knights Test Model

It's done, I've pre-ordered two thousand points worth of Grey Knights from Dice Bucket, which will ship on April 2nd, with any luck. In preparation I've painted up a model to test the color scheme.

I primed the model with my trusty ol' Krylon grey. After that, a coat of Chainmail, details, a cranny wash in Badab Black, and highlights in Mythril Silver. Too easy.



oni said...

Hmmm... Two Grey Knights players at club now. At least you're playing a Codex army finally. ;)

Model looks good. I would suggest that you find a way to mix in some reds and whites otherwise the army will take on a very bland feel.

Curious why you chose to order from Dice Bucket?

Hudson said...

Looks nice, but I'll agree with oni; needs some red. Maybe the shoulder pads. I'd go with Red Gore personally.

Myles said...

There really wasn't a place to put a whole lot of red on the test model, but on the Terminators there should be some flat spaces to do some free-handing in red :D

I ordered from Dice Bucket because their discounts were the best I could find for pre-orders. I only spent $201.74 for four boxes of Terminators, Draigo and the codex! Retail would've been more than 250 bucks.

Eric said...

Looking pretty good. Two things you might try.

1: A little Gryphone Sepia on the brass parts would even them out and shade a bit. You might even go so far as to do brass/gold in mithril silver then put one or more layers of sepia over it. Makes a nice smooth look.

2: Have you tried blue on the metallic armor? I have seen people do it, but I have never tried myself. Kind of curious as to how it would work.