Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought

Ladies (ha!) and gentlemen, welcome back.

I managed to finish up the Furioso Dreadnought I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. Without further ado, here are the pictures of the completed model.

And there's the dreadnought in all of its red and magnetized glory. I've still got a few bits to assemble, magnetize and paint up. In addition to what's depicted here, I also finished up the Magna Grapple.

The method I used to paint this model is detailed in the previous post. Throughout the finishing steps, I ran into trouble mixing Krylon Gloss Coat and Testors Dullcote. I'm not sure whether it was just me accidentally rubbing paint off of the corners, touching the model while it was still wet with varnish and peeling away a bit of paint, or the mix, but what I did notice was that paint was coming off the corners.

I had the same issue during a previous commission, and I'm certain I didn't touch any of the affected areas on that particular model. After correcting the issues, I switched my gloss finish to Testors Glosscote, and haven't had any trouble with any of the model's I've finished up since.

As always, questions and comments more than welcome,


oni said...

This Dreadnought is looking mighty sharp. I can see a progression in your painting with this one too. Good job, thumbs up.

Eric said...

Drill those storm bolter muzzles! :D