Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Elysian Redux, the Beginning

Greetings one and all, I come bearing more updates and photos. Staring at my nearly-completed Elysian army got me a little melancholic. What will I do now that I'm almost done? Then I got the great idea to repaint the whole thing, 10 guys at a time. Joy.

Before I start rambling, here's a couple of photos of the new paint and basing scheme I've worked out for the repaint:

The primary reason I decided to repaint my guys is because the Graveyard Earth paint from GW is probably one of the worst paints in their line. It's just about impossible to get a good coat, even on a model primed with a light color, despite it having the consistency of tomato soup. I ended up switching over to GW's Calthan Brown Foundation paint. This really speeds up how quickly I'm able to paint these guys.

Instead of just putting sand on the models' bases after I had them painted, I decided to sand the bases then prime and paint. I'm happy with the way the test model turned out, but I think I'll have to go a bit heavier on the Bleached Bone drybrush on the base, make it look a little more like a desert. I also added some desert-style scrub to the base, just to break up the tan. Thoughts? Should I keep the little green bush things on the base? Let me know in the comments section.

After painting and washing the model, I laid down a coat of Krylon Gloss varnish, waited for it to dry and finished up the model with a double-shot of Testor's Dullcote.

I should have a junior command squad up before next week, along with some other bits of "sweet nectar"
. I'm also finishing up a big commission. I'll have that posted before I turn it over to its owner.

That's all I got,


The GunGrave said...

I like the scheme mate.

if your having trouble with the basecoat, check out Army Painter and their colour primers. Thats what i used for my Elysian army, and im sure they'll have a colour to suit.

As for the base. Humm... As the Elysians are shock toopers/Paras, they'll probably be deployed in advance of any main millitary push, or for supprise attack. Therefore it stands to reason that they'll be sporting all sorts of camo gear, mainly their uniform.

So i'd suggest that if your going to go for a brown scheme, then you follow this through in your basing. Prahaps a volcanic earth type base.....

Hope that helps!

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