Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Scorpions: Complete!

I'd completed this army about a week ago, but gearing up for the mini-tourney at Dakkacon took up most of my free time. This is the first chance I've had to post the 500 point army shown in its entirety.

First things first: A big thanks to Mike from Showcase Comics for putting on an awesome event. To everyone I played against: It was a blast gaming with you guys, hopefully I'll get to play all of you again in the future.

I did alright at the tourney; out of three games, I scored one win, one loss and one draw. My speeder with his heavy flamer was definitely my MVP. During my first game against Orks, I'd wiped out my opponent's only scoring unit. He then proceeded to bend me over the gaming table and have his way with everything else in my army, except the speeder. Seeing as I still had that one unit left on the table and he didn't have any other scoring units, I forced a tie.

My second game I managed to win, again thanks to my speeder. It was a Capture/Control mission against Space Marines, and early on, I zoomed my speeder right into the terrain piece my opponent put his objective marker and a squad on. There it stayed for the rest of the game after being immobilized, one inch away from his squad. he ignored the speeder in favor of firing at my Razorback marching along his flank. After a round or two of shooting, his squad broke, but they didn't fall back far enough to auto-rally the next turn. My speeder kept him from regrouping.

My third game was an outright slug fest between me and a Mech-Vet Imperial Guard list. My speeder got iced turn three, but instead of exploding, it wrecked in just the right spot to block an enemy squad from getting to me and my objective so quick. I lost, but that was still a great game. My opponent gave me a real run for my money.

Anyway, this army will probably be up on eBay pretty soon. I'll post a link to the auction when it goes up. This was a fun project to work on, but I'm not a Space Marine player at heart.

Again, guys, I (and I think everyone else at Dakkacon) had a blast. Hopefully we'll do it again!

All the best,

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The GunGrave said...

Thats a great looking force mate! When i did my Red Scorpions the grey was much darker, but i much prefer your lighter scheme! Good job!