Friday, December 10, 2010

Red Scorpions: Off to a Great Start

Greetings, one and all. With a very kind gift from a dear friend of mine, both Rhinos are done for my 500 pts list. I've also painted up the magnetized marine from a previous post to cement the color scheme, and given him a base I'm quite happy with. Pictures follow, please enjoy!

Red Scorpions Battle Brother

Side View

This Astartes has earned his Terminator Honours
and displays that fact on his shoulder pad

The same Astartes with a flamer

The base is designed to look like rubble,
strewn over a marble floor.

I really dig the way this marine came out, especially his base. Although I'm not yet familiar with Forge World's redone fluff about the Battle of the Palace of Thorns (the final showdown between loyalist Astartes and Lugft Huron, Tyrant of Badab), I designed the bases of my Red Scorpions to look like they were fighting inside a ruined palace or cathedral, with nice marble flooring, etc.

Here's a couple photographs of the Rhino I did up for the list.

Red Scorpions Rhino. This vehicle belongs to the
Chapter's second company

Side View. Someone has written a litany of protection
on this Rhino's side door

Top View. An Imperial Aquila sits atop the company marking

A Red Scorpion disembarks from his transport

There wasn't a whole lot more than what's in the instruction pamphlet that went into this particular vehicle. I made sure not to glue fast the top hatch, just in case I want to run it as a second Razorback one day when I have the bits to to so. One thing that I did do differently was to magnetize the storm bolter (that I'm not sure whether or not comes standard with the vehicle, seeing as I'm given the option for a stormbolter for 10 points. Does this mean I can have two?), pictures of the magnetized areas and an explanation follow.

Automated storm bolter

A storm bolter sits atop a rhino, disconnected

I did this one pretty much last minute before I went to class. This consists of the slotting you see above with a 1/16" magnet in the center of the cross, and a magnet of the same size on the storm bolter mounting. Just drill your hole, check your polarities, and slide the magnet in.

A Red Scorpions Razorback, armed with
a twin-linked Heavy Bolter

Front view. This vehicle also belongs to the
Red Scorpions second company

This Razorback's Heavy Bolters track an elevated enemy

Razorbacks can also be armed with twin linked Lascannons

A Red Scorpion advances, covered by his Razorback

Rhino/Razorback kit with all of its interchangeable parts.
Many of the parts are magnetized

Close-up of the Razorback turret's parts

Magnetizing the Razorback was done with great help from Oni. He's got a bunch of tutorials for magnetizing the crap out of Space Marine vehicles. Be sure to check them out.

Painting all of the above models was pretty simple, but despite the simplicity, I spent a ton of time on each model. I used Krylon dark grey primer to base coat the models. After that, came the mustard yellow, for which I used Iyaden Darksun foundation paint from GW. Next came Chaos Black, then Chainmail. Optics and the details thereof were done in Mechrite Red and Macharius Solar Orange foundation paints, with a spot of Skull White to simulate light glinting from the glass of the optic. And of course, who can forget about the finishing step of applying Testor's Dullcote matt varnish.

Whew! That was a long post. I hope you all enjoy the photos. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the box below. I'll leave you with a group shot of all the models featured in today's post.

All the best,

Now that I actually understand the rules for Rhinos, I've had to do a bit of modification to the models. A hatch got removed from each of the two vehicles. The Rhino without a storm bolter slot got the appropriate bits and magnets, and the Rhino that had a storm bolter slot already got a different hatch, seeing as I used the other one for the other Rhino (if that makes any sense).

The condensed version: Both vehicles can now have magnetized storm bolters.


GDMNW said...

Good start.

That's some clean and neat painting. Good job. I like the fact that you have taken a little extra time to magnetise your stuff.

Keep it up.

IvorTangrean said...

Yes a Rhino comes with one storm bolter plus you have the option to buy a second one.

Great work, nice and clean.

Rogue Pom said...

I'm with GDMNE - some nice clean painting there. I like the small free hand details you added. Keep it up mate.


Myles said...

Ivor, thanks for the heads up about the storm bolter (now I've got to redo the hatch on the Razorback to accept a magnetized storm bolter, d'oh!). Thank you all for your compliments.

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