Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magnetized Space Marine Weapons

Something to try for all of you Space Marine players. Working on the Red Scorpions project, and certainly not wanting to spend more than I absolutely had to, I came up with the idea of magnetizing everything I could ever even think of swapping on all of the models. Here's the result of my toying with pin-vices and magnets.

Looks like your standard, bolter-armed, poorly photographed Astartes, right? Well, in the photo below, he's got himself a flamer. Emperor's teeth! How did that happen!? Was it forgotten tech-lore from a bygone age? A new piece of holy STC equipment?

Nonsense! Magnets are the key!

This conversion's easy, just grab some 1/16" x 1/32" magnets and a pin-vise with a 1/16" drill bit. Assemble your space marine as normal, but leave off the weapons. Now, drill a hole in the top of your marine's hand and another hole where you cut off the bolter's grip. After checking your polarities, stick your magnets in, then you're good to go. If you look closely at the photo, you can see where I put the magnets.

I say again, CHECK YOUR POLARITIES! You'll learn to do so the hard way if you don't check 'em before-hand.

I like to drill my holes a bit deeper than 1/32" and get the magnet a bit lower than flush. That way the weapons sit flush with the hand. Be careful drilling out the holes for the magnets. You've got a bit of wiggle room on the hand, but not too terribly much on the bolter, and it's very easy to screw up.

I'll have a real, not "I did this in 10 minutes" tutorial up sometime later in the month, most likely after my Forge World order comes in so I can actually start work on my marines.

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oni said...

AHHH! Mould lines, they burn my retinas. :P

Nice job on the magnetizing.

GDMNW said...

This is a decent idea. It certainly stops you fussing over which special weapon to kit a guy out with. Also you could mass produce the weapons so that you have a pool to choose from when you are putting an army list together.

Ideas, ideas...

Samhain said...

I'm new to WH40k and putting together my first SM army, so I'm really sweating the details. Doing a tactical squad and really been grinding over flamer/plasma - now I can have both.