Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighter

Hello again, readers.

I find myself in a strange place. I've got a bunch of ideas that deserve to come to fruition and things that need to be worked on. However, I don't yet have the resources to work on any of them. To that end, I've been working on my older, unfinished projects. The plan for my table, that I've referenced before, is to make an Imperial airfield in the desert (I would say "desert planet," but this isn't Star Wars).

I have a Thunderbolt fighter from Forge World that's been sitting around with an old (bad) paint job. So, I put down a fresh coat of paint to get it ready to serve as a nice piece of terrain for my table, at least until the next Apocalypse game. Photos follow. Enjoy!

Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighter

Side view

Rear view

Top view

I went for a pretty plain color scheme for the Thunderbolt. Seeing as my Elysians are a freshly recruited unit with new equipment, I decided to paint this fighter in a similar vein. Very lightly used, well maintained, just arrived in-theater. That, and the light grey will match the terrain I'll be building for my table, and contrast with the desert yellow.

Head-on view. Note the missiles hanging from the wings

Seeing a golden opportunity to use power tools, I drilled out 1/8th inch holes in the missile mounts on the underside of the fighter and stuck magnets in them. I did the same to some Hellstrike missiles that came with the Valkyrie kit and stuck 'em on the underside of the wing.

I managed to loose the landing gear to this model (either I lost them or they didn't ship with the model, I can't remember which), so I scratch-built a pair of landing skids and magnetized them to the bottom the model. You can see the skids in a couple of the pictures if you look hard enough.

Close-up view of the nose weapons. Thunderbolt fighters arearmed with twin linked lascannons, and a pair of twin linked autocannons, standard

This Thunderbolt is part of the 1225th Imperial Navy Fighter Wing

The details, numbers and stripe, on the wings were done with tape. Too easy. As I'm sure you could've guessed, I'm happy with the way this one turned out. Otherwise, I wouldn't have posted it! The painting didn't take long at all, just a grey undercoat and some weathering with GW's Codex Grey paint makes up the bulk of the fighter. A black wash was put in all of the gaps between armor plates to add depth and just a hint of wear to make it look like it's actually flown.

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GDMNW said...

I like these large specialist kits. They can be a lot of work but they sure do look good when they're done well.

Thanks for sharing.

Myles said...

Thank you for the compliment.

Admiral Drax said...

Nice work!

Admiral Drax said...


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Myles said...

Thanks, Drax

Anonymous said...

Awesome man,

I've flown a lot in this short life of mine and the worn/off-coloured sections of the wings are spot on! You've done a great job on this kit.

I want some planes now!!

Myles said...

Thanks, Red. Your Red Scorpions look great, if I may say so.

Inquisitor M said...

wow. just found your blog thanks to the ftw Tuesday top ten. i love this model. i have one sitting unpainted right now and i was thinking of painting it similar to how you did, but i wasn't sure it would work. now i know it will =). awesome blog man.

Mr Smart boy no sloy said...

awesome blog man.
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