Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blood Angels Second Company Captain

A good friend of mine recently started playing Blood Angels. After a bit of trepidation about which list he wanted to play (razorback lascannon spam, death company spam, etc), he settled on a pretty balanced list with four full tactical squads, three Baal preadators and a mix bag of special units to fill in the gaps. It's a great list that's served him well.

Usually, one of the beastly Blood Angel special characters would serve as his HQ, although recently we've been mixing it up by playing some games with points less than the Imperial-standard 2,000. My dear hombre is of the opinion that named characters break the spirit of smaller games (and I must say, I agree with the sentiment) and as such wanted a regular company Captain.

Being the generous person I am, and by that I mean needing something else to work on, I asked if I could be the one to build and paint his Captain. For whatever reason, he really likes my work and agreed. Pictured below is the model completed in all of its photographed glory. Happy Kwanzaa, C-Rams.

Blood Angels Second Company Captain
Captain of the Blood Angels' Second Company

Side view
Side View. Note the Second Company
iconography on the shoulder pad

Other side view
A view of the Captain's bionic replacement arm,
Chapter icon and plasma pistol

rear view
Rear view. This captain chooses
to leave his cloak unadorned

This particular captain was built out of a mix of the new Death Company kit and the plastic Space Marine Commander kit. It's a simple conversion, the only real work I had to do was replacing the sword hand attached to the bionic arm with a plasma pistol.

I broke from my usual style of painting and really tried to make the details stand out. It wasn't hard, considering how Throne-damned many of them there are on the model. The Citadel silver-colored metallic paints are great, but the gold is a real pain in the butt. I had to do at least three coats to cover up the red primer. The wash on the model is spot applied instead of simply brushing over the entire thing. After that, I picked out some of the red raised areas with a light coat of orange paint. I wasn't sure how detailed I wanted to get with the head. I figured I'd stop at getting the teeth and whites of the eyes painted up (I honestly don't think I can make pupils look good, no matter how hard I try).

I like the way this model came out, and hopefully my friend will as well.

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