Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elysian 907th, WIP

This is a long time in coming. About two years ago, I started working on an Elysian Drop Troop army. I bought just about all the models at once (a look at the FAQ for IA:8 tells me I still have to replace some special weapons with lasgunners). Only recently have I started really disciplining myself and getting the army in any semblance of a playable shape.

Seen here are some pictures of the Elysian 907th Airborne Regiment, A company "Archangels." Their motto is "Into Hell!"

The concept behind the army was to make an Elysian army to match the TO&E from the back of Imperial Armour 3, where the Elysians first featured. I imagined the army being freshly founded and sent to war, doing their organization strictly by the numbers because of their collective practical inexperience.

Platoon command squad
Elysian Platoon Command Squad

1st Platoon's junior officer (Lieutenant)
Elysian regiments often use helmet stripes
to denote officers, both commissioned and otherwise.

Plasma gunner
Plasma gunner
Although unstable and potentially deadly to
the user, plasma guns are excellent for destroying
lightly armored transports.

Vox caster
Vox caster
This trooper carries his platoon's vox caster,
enabling his commanding officer to stay in
contact with the rest of the squads in the platoon
and effectively issue orders.

For an Imperial Guard player, command squads are a lot of fun to do. Officers have access to better, more ornate weaponry and equipment, which makes conversions an absolute blast. These guys, however, were done up just like the rest of the army, largely due to a lack of customization opportunities offered by Forge World's Elysian range. There are a couple Cadian IG bits floating around the army, but most of the time, because of GW's "heroic" scale, the accessories look enormous on the drop troops.

Vox casters used to be something neat to take. Back in 4th edition, a vox caster used to enable guard players to bounce their Commander's leadership stat (usually Ld 9) all over the table. Now, they just give you a re-roll for failed Orders checks within the issuing officer's (or character's) command radius. It's not a bad option, but I can't really justify spending that extra 5 points per squad on something I'm never going to use. Unfortunately, I had built and primed almost all of my drop troops before the new codex came out in Imperial Armour 8 and don't feel like having to rework and repaint two dozen extremely fragile resin models.

Infantry Squad
Elysian Drop Infantry Squad
Infantry squads form the backbone of Elysian airborne regiments.

Elysian sergeant
Squad Sergeant
Elysian sergeants are responsible for leading an infantry
squad into and out of battle. They often carry special equipment
like single-shot grenade launchers and melta bombs.

Sergeant stripe
Note the red stripe. This sergeant has earned
veteran status. Criteria for veteran status varies from
regiment to regiment (number of jumps, kills,
years in service, etc).

Elysian plasma gunner
Infantry squads benefit greatly from
the firepower of a special weapon.

squad voxcaster
Infantry squads have vox specialists to
remain in contact with their commanding
officer. This vox unit is compact and
well suited to airborne missions.

Demo charge
This trooper carries a demolition charge.
"Demo charges," as they are often called, are shaped
high-explosives capable of ripping even the toughest-
armored troops to shreds.

Although rare and reserved for explosives specialists in regiments
originating elsewhere in the Imperium, demolition charges are
quite common and necessary in Elysian regiments, due in
large part to their lack of armored support.

Working on the infantry squads was fun for all of 20 minutes. After a while, working with fiddly little resin bits over and over again will wear on anyone. Forge Worlds infamous quality control (rather, the lack thereof) reared its ugly head more than once during the process, and I had to do an Imperial ton of filing, green stuff work and redo more than a dozen lasgun barrels. All things considered, I'm very proud of the result, and seeing 90% of the army fully assembled and laid out is an extremely rewarding sight. I can't wait to get the rest of the company done.

Painting the models wasn't nearly as frustrating, thankfully. I tested out a bunch of color schemes, and once I found one I really liked, I spent a lot (too much) time and money trying to make the process as painless and simple as possible. In the end, the process goes like this for every single model in the army, including vehicles:

i/ Prime the models with Army Painter's Skeleton Bone primer.

ii/ Paint the armor plates, boots and straps with GW's Graveyard Earth.

iii/ Paint the lasguns, other weapons and visors in Chaos Black.

iv/ Paint the hoses and other appropriate bits in Chainmail.

v/ Repeat steps iii then ii to clean up any mistakes you may have made.

vi/ Clean up the model with Bleached Bone.

vii/ Wash the entire model with Devlan Mud.

viii/ Do up the base with Graveyard Earth and flock with sand.

ix/ Varnish with Testor's Dullcote.

Vulture Gunship
Vultures can be armed with a wide array of weaponry, from armor busting rockets and racks of missiles, to the fearsome punisher gatling cannon. Everything the vulture gunship sacrifices in armor and durability, it makes up for tenfold in mobility and versatility.

The Vulture Gunships got done up the same way as the rest of the army. In keeping with the "freshly founded" concept, I decided not to embellish any of the regiment's aircraft. The model is assembled just like the instructions say, the only exception being that I magnetized all of the weapons mounts (including the nose-mounted heavy bolter). Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the magnetized mounts or weapons; I'll have to do that for next time.

All told, the list consists of the requisite 5-man senior command squad, four platoons of one command squad and four infantry squads apiece, and three Vulture gunships for 2500pts games. To play 2000pts games, I just drop one of the infantry platoons.

As always, I hope you enjoyed the photos and explanations.
For the Emperor,


oni said...

Fantastic! We'll have to play again soon and on a densely packed city-fight table. ;)

Myles said...

Only if you play 2000pts, Oni :D

Admiral Drax said...

Looking great, Jordan, and I'm a very very big fan of simple painting schemes.

You may appreciate my thoughts on voxes these days here:

One question though: please owuld you post an army list so we can see how it breaks down?



Myles said...

Drax, thank you for your compliments. I'll be sure to post my army list shortly. I agree wholly with your opinions on voxes. It's a real shame they became so useless.

The GunGrave said...

Great looking models mate. Im also building an Elysian army on my own blog, which is now nearly complete.

With regards to vox; every veteran squad in my army has one, along with the long range ground scanner as a HQ choice (going with the IA8 list). I havent play tested this yet, but i am hoping for some good results. Allowing one unit to re-roll to hits per turn should prove quite useful.

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