Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enforcing Imperial Law

Here's a fun conversion. Adeptus Arbites, the enforcement division of the Adeptus Terra are responsible for ensuring Imperial law is followed on each planet. I made this model for my character in a game of Dark Heresy some time ago. These guys are easy enough to do, all you need are some plastic Space Marine Scouts with your choice of weapons and a few Cadian Imperial Guardsman's heads. Sculpt a face mask like you see in the photos out of Green Stuff, glue everything together, let it dry, and you're good to go!

Arbite front
Adeptus Arbites are keepers of the peace
on Imperial planets

Arbite side
Side view

Arbite rear
Rear view

Arbite logo
The clenched fist logo is painted
on this Arbiter's shoulder pad

WIP Arbite
A shot of an unpainted Arbiter

Hopefully, this will inspire some really neat conversions.

Yours, as always,


oni said...

Nice Arbite. I knew a guy who had a whole army of these guys back in 2nd edition when the metal models for them were actually on store shelves.

Admiral Drax said...

A superb and simple conversion.

Great work and thanks for sharing.